Natural Relief from Seasonal Allergies

 Do you or someone you love suffer from seasonal symptoms? The itchy eyes? Drippy nose? Sneezing and wheezing?

I personally don’t but my dad has always had horrible allergies this time of year. I feel so bad as I watch him suffer through them! He used to pop all kinds of allergy pills to try and get it under control. 

Unfortunately, those pills come with side effects and though they might provide some symptom relief, they also add chemicals into the body. That’s why my dad and I LOVE relying on essential oils for help the natural way. They’re nature’s best and safest “medicine” and can be used in TONS of ways. My whole family uses essential oils because they’re the perfect easy and natural solution to allow our bodies to perform to its fullest potential. We use them for sleep support, immune boosting, pain and headache relief and so much more!

Natural Relief from Seasonal Symptoms

Adding essential oils to your seasonal sniffle arsenal is just one more bonus of these amazing little oils!! Our go-to for seasonal sniffle relief is a trio of oils: Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint.

Something to keep in mind with oils is quality is key. Oils sold in stores tend to be either diluted, contain synthetic chemical substitutes, or are grown in a place where they’re treated with pesticides (which we would then absorb into our bodies like eating non-organic foods). There’s no current regulatory standards for the use of “therapeutic grade” for products labeled as essential oils so when that’s written on labels, it doesn’t really mean anything!

Certain brands have a third party test each batch to ensure pureness, and they never contain any fillers, synthetics, chemicals, artificial ingredients, or pesticides. Read up on what you should know before using essential oils here (or just ask me!) 

Natural Relief from Seasonal Symptoms
There are a few ways to use this oil combo:

    Diffuse: Add a few drops of each essential oil to your diffuser

    Ingest: Add 2 drops of each to an empty capsule and top with a carrier oil. Take several times a day as needed. Or you can add several drops of each to raw local honey. *Be sure the brand you are using is safe to ingest

    Topical: Make a roll-on using a roller bottle and use liberally (see recipe below). Apply to bottoms of your last 3 toes and back of neck often, depending on how bad your symptoms are.

Natural Relief from Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal Symptoms Relief Essential Oil Roll-On
An effective and natural remedy for relief from seasonal symptoms.
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  1. 15 drops Lemon Essential Oil
  2. 15 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  3. 15 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
  4. Carrier oil (I recommend fractionated coconut)
  5. 9 ml glass roller bottle
  1. Add essential oils to the roller bottle.
  2. Use your carrier oil to fill the bottle to the top.
  3. Add roll on fitment and the cap.
  1. To use, roll on bottoms of last 3 toes and back of neck.
  2. Optional: Add a few drops of Cypress (great for respiratory support) and Copaiba (great at fighting inflammation and boosting the effects of the other oils).
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