It’s time to be

that girl…

Learn how to effortlessly (yes, really)
eat your way to your healthiest, happiest self

You know “that girl” who eats what she wants, when she wants it, without guilt or torturing herself with restrictions, AND still looks and feels her best?

The confidence-oozing woman who doesn’t need to diet, deprive or constantly second-guess her food choices to feel completely comfortable in her skin?

The fun-loving free spirit who radiates happiness, doesn’t dread going shopping or getting dressed, and no longer hides when pictures are taken?

The one who feels empowered and energized by food, not controlled and triggered by it?

The carefree bombshell who dropped self-criticism like a bad habit and never looked back?

Of course you do. She’s future-you. Don’t roll your eyes, it’s true! Even if a happy and healthy relationship with food and your body feels WILDLY out of reach and nearly impossible. 

You’re not too far gone, you’re not helpless…you just need a little guidance. 

That’s what my health coaching program is all about.

Listen, I get it.

You’ve tried a TON of stuff

Diets, “clean eating”, Whole 30, calorie counting,
macros counting, portion control, exercising more &
eating less, avoiding certain foods, the list goes ON.

And none of it has worked…or worked for long. Luckily, THIS isn’t that. It’s not a band-aid program that’ll get you quick results, but not stick around. It gets to the root of what’s holding you back and keeping you stuck, then tackles it in holistic, transformative approach to get you where you want to go in a way that feels easy and effortless.

The coolest part? My program is designed to empower and put you in total control of your body and eating habits…not the other way around.

It’s a surprising, new, refreshing approach, 
and it works so well it feels
like magic

(except it’s not; it’s science).

How does it work?

My program revolutionizes the path to health, happiness, confidence, and feeling amazing
by switching the approach: weight loss is a sustainable side effect of good health vs. the main goal.

Research has proven this approach is the most effective way to build sustainable habits.

Unlike many other programs out there, this one believes that you do NOT have to deprive yourself to get a body and life you love.

Yep, you don’t have to go to extremes, eliminate entire food groups, foods you love, or follow strict eating rules.

You don’t have to white-knuckle your way through your day in order to “stay on track,”

You don’t have to self-hate, shame, and punish yourself,

You don’t have to feel guilty, starved, or restricted,

And it doesn’t have to be hard, painful, or time consuming.

It won’t just be easier, more delicious, and way more enjoyable, but the results will blow you away! You’ll be surprised that you actually care more about the results beyond the scale.

And I promise you, not only does it work so much better, it feels so much better.


I believe it’s irresponsible to offer a health program in the “traditional” sense. ALL credible research shows deprivation-based diets + body shaming are NOT an effective long term, sustainable solution to health & happiness. And weight loss? Can and should be achieved as a side effect of good health vs. a goal to be reached at the expense of good health.

If you’re like

“I’ll have what she’s having!”

then this program is for you.

Raise your hand if the following experiences are way, WAY too familiar:

  • Having a love-hate relationship with food that swings from counting calories and “being good” to binging on “bad” foods and shame spiraling
  • Feeling exhausted from being caught up in punishing cycles of perfectionism, crazy diets, second-guessing your food choices, and deprivation that ends in promises of “starting again Monday”
  • Eating and exercise have become chores, and your self-worth is dictated by the number on the scale or on the tag
  • Waking up every day just wishing you felt more comfortable in your body, knowing with more confidence and self esteem your life would be happier
  • Experiencing the daily struggle and drain of trying to control what and how much you eat
  • Worrying that it may not even be possible to have the body and life you’ve dreamed of, because you’re in the shadow of all your tried and failed attempts.

Overcoming all this is very freaking possible &

It’s time to get out of your own way.

If you’re fed up…

(pun intended)
with deprivation, discouragement, hopelessness, and a tanked self-esteem, it’s time to
stop torturing yourself, criticizing yourself, and start feeling amazing and confident
with your body, your food choices, your health, and your LIFE.

So, what’s included?

The 3 and 6 Month Healthy Happy You Program

Whether your biggest hold-ups are related to body confidence, self-doubt, fear, perfectionism, nutrition for your unique body, restricting/binging, self sabotaging tendencies, disordered eating habits, emotional eating, lack of willpower or self control, preventative health, etc…I’ve got you covered! 

My comprehensive, proven, step-by-step Happy, Healthy You program is custom created to address your specific triggers, stresses and obstacles keeping you from looking and feeling like the best version of you!

You’ll be empowered and armed with the information and tools that work best for your body so you can live a happy, healthy life you LOVE utilizing my unique Mind Body Food Method.

Program includes:


A full analysis of your current diet, mindset, activity level and life challenges.


Two phone or video session per month with unlimited text and email support for daily breakthroughs, massive momentum, questions and accountability


After every session you’ll be able to put what you’ve learned into practice
(psst: this is where the magic…I mean science… happens)


Full post-session recap notes will be provided to go back to as often as you’d like, whenever you’d like, for things to really sink in and stick


Healthy and actually easy-to-make meal and snack recipes


Customized assortment of books, worksheets, podcasts, audios, videos, handouts, templates and links to products and articles personalized to your goals


Access to private Facebook group, special programs, and events because community is so important


Vitamin and supplement recommendations based on your individual needs, & more!

My coaching weapons of choice are:

— Evidence-based nutrition research,
— Proven psychology principles,
— 100% customization to YOU…your lifestyle, your body, your goals,
— An intuitive, mindful approach to eating and living.

Both the 3 and 6 month programs include my 7 Day Photo Food Journal Analysis & Coaching, a bonus deep dive call, and special gifts.

The 6 month program also comes loaded with 2 bonus Premium Inclusions such as Meal Prepping & Planning Mega Session, Healthy Grocery Store Tour, Kitchen Makeover, Food Sensitivity Discovery Reset Program, Hands-On Cooking Class (local only), and more.

Join the hundreds of women who learned to love themselves from the inside out, who

broke free from dieting

and destructive habits for good. Who found their happy, healthy weight naturally and intuitively. Who stopped missing out on life, and found an enjoyable, balanced approach to eating that doesn’t involve any willpower, guilt, or self control.

And that could very easily be you, too!

Success Stories

“Samantha’s holistic approach to healing the mind & body together, in conjunction with the tailored approach to each body’s specific needs, places her program well above all the rest of the programs that are out there.”


“My whole life I’ve been obsessed with food and weight – Am I eating too much? Are these jeans too tight for my body? Why can’t I just be one of those girls who eats pizza without worrying? Then I found Samantha and everything changed!”


“I lost both mental and emotional weight! I’ve been battling food issues for just about my entire life, but after working with Samantha for 3 months I know that I’m heading down the right path to resolving those food issues.”


“Not only did I lose 21 pounds in 3 months, but I managed to keep my weight down. I learned that I was torturing myself for no good reason, and that you can actually get rid of your additional pounds without starving yourself and spending endless hours on an elliptical.”


Somewhere between “no rules” and “no fun”

lives a happy, confident, life-changing way of relating to food and your body. Let’s get you there, shall we?

Get the ball rollin’! Fill out the application below to set up a FREE clarity
call so we can see if we would be a good fit for working together.