aldi 3 back to school recipes for kids

While this school year will be different for families everywhere, finding easy and affordable ways to eat healthy meals and snacks is more important than ever!

With help from ALDI, you’ll be able to stretch both your budget and your ingredient list.

ALDI makes it convenient to feed your family with healthy and affordable fresh produce, meats, seafood, and on-the-go snacks, along with lots of organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free options.

It’s so much easier to eat healthy when you prep in advance, and have ready-to-go options for when you’re tight on time.

Below are 3 recipes to help you do just that!

samantha eaton shopping at aldi back to school

These meals/snacks are perfect for the return to school and busy schedules that both you and your kids will love.

I’m always looking to shop fast and save money, so I did all of my shopping for these recipes at ALDI.

They offer time-saving grocery delivery services nationwide, along with curbside grocery pickup at nearly 600 of their stores.

In the broader Charlotte area, ALDI has nearly 40 locations – seven of which are located within Charlotte proper. All ALDI stores in the greater Charlotte area have been remodeled in the last five years. Use the store locator tool on to find the store nearest you!

aldi back to school chocolate zucchini protein muffin recipe

Chocolate Zucchini Protein Muffin Recipe

I love this recipe for an easy grab-and-go breakfast. There’s an undetectable, sneaky vegetable hidden inside too!

These muffins are loaded with healthy fats and protein to help both you and your kids feel fuller longer and stay focused at work or school.

It’s gluten and dairy-free to accommodate food allergies or sensitivities, using Simply Nature Organic almond milk and Simply Nature Organic almond butter instead of flour.

Click here to get the recipe!

aldi back to school bento box

Bento Box: Featuring Hummus Veggie Wrap Recipe

Bento boxes are a great way to make snacks fun and exciting for kids because there are so many ingredient possibilities!

ALDI has a large selection of ready-to-go options that are perfect for a bento box.

Fresh fruit and vegetables, Southern Grove Tranquility Trailmix, Emporium Selection Sliced Cheeses, liveGfree Crackers, and Simply Nature Organic fruit snacks all fit perfectly!

Here are some more ideas:

aldi back to school snacks bento box

aldi snack hummus veggie wrap simply nature organic hummus

Feeling creative? You can also use their budget-friendly ingredients to make your own components to go inside, like this hummus veggie wrap.

To make this recipe, I used a liveGfree wrap, spread on a hearty layer of Simply Nature Organic hummus, and topped with lots of fresh vegetables from the large selection of high-quality produce at ALDI. 

You can also add deli meat for more protein too if you’d like!

You can just roll it up and eat it, or roll it and slice it into pinwheel shapes to fit nicely in a bento box.

aldi tuna salad stuffed bell pepper boats burman's mayonaise and dijon mustard

Tuna Salad Stuffed Bell Pepper Boat Recipe

This fresh and energizing recipe is perfect for both kids and their parents! It’s quick and easy to throw together and will keep you full and focused all afternoon.

I used Northern Catch sustainably caught tuna and Burman’s mayonnaise and mustard for flavor. If you or your kids don’t like tuna, you can always use shredded chicken instead.

I love to serve them with a side of Simply Nature Organic corn chips for carbs and a good crunch.

Click here to get the recipe!

To wash those delicious recipes down:

Pair it with options from the large beverage selection at ALDI.

aldi simply nature organic juice boxes and puraqua water bottles

For kids, you can stock up on bottled water and juice boxes for easy grab-and-go hydration.

aldi puraqua belle vie sparkling water and simply nature organic juices

aldi mocktail recipe

For adults, you’ll find VitaLife Organic Kombucha and PurAqua Belle Vie Flavored Sparkling Water.

One of my favorite afternoon treat mocktails can be made by mixing Simply Nature organic juices with plain PurAqua Belle Vie Sparkling Water, and garnishing with fresh fruit. So good!

I typically use a 16 oz glass, and fill it about 1/3 way with juice, and the rest of the way with the sparkling water.

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