I’m Samantha Eaton—

A Certified Nutrition &
Eating Psychology Coach

I have a judgment-free,
approach to nutrition,
health and life,
and (compassionately)
tell it how it is.

and I was just like you.

You know how most women always assume that when you get to that “perfect” weight, you’ll feel a whole lot happier, have more confidence, and actually enjoy catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror?


“I used to think that, too—
until the number on the scale reached its lowest point…
And so did I.”


When I was in high school, I noticed that my body didn’t match the girls I saw on TV or in magazines, and quickly decided there was something wrong with it.

It needs to be fixed and changed. My thighs were too big, my arms were to flabby, and my stomach wasn’t flat enough.

I thought “If I could just lose weight, THEN I’d be happy, confident, popular, and live a great life!”

So I adopted a “no pain, no gain” approach. I ate as little food as possible, avoided eating fat (then carbs) like it was the plague, popped diet pills like they were candy, and spent hours at the gym every day.

My type A, rule-following self loved it. I felt like I had a clear pathway and a sense of structure and control with what food choices to make to reach my goal.

It was going great, I was seeing the number on the scale go down, I thought I could do this forever!

BUT! After some time, it started to feel harder, and I noticed other side effects: 

  • Cravings came on STRONG, and I often couldn’t fight them off. I felt out of control, ate til I felt stuffed, then promised myself I’d get back on track Monday
  • I thought (/stressed/worried) about food 24/7, instead of things I actually wanted to be thinking about.
  • I planned my life around my rigid eating schedule, and regularly skipped spending time with friends to avoid food temptations.
  • I didn’t eat any foods I truly liked without guilt, and couldn’t keep them in my kitchen without obsessing about them
  • I felt super self-conscious about my body, and only saw flaws when I looked at pictures of myself or in the mirror

Until one day it finally happened: I hit my Magic Number on the scale.

My ideal weight.



“I had to fight like hell to get to my ideal weight, and then
I had to fight like hell to maintain it – but at what cost?”

Sure at first I was psyched about it, but that quickly faded.

I didn’t feel any happier, more worthy, or more confident.

I felt hopeless and frustrated.

And I still felt self-conscious, uncomfortable in my own skin, and deprived, but also overwhelmed about maintaining my new weight.

“It made no sense to me, I followed all the “rules”…what gives??
Why did I still feel so miserable?”


That moment was what I refer to as my “diet rock bottom.”

I was waking up every day, fighting food and hating my body. It was an overwhelming and exhausting way to live. But I didn’t know what to do. I felt broken and hopeless, and terrified of gaining weight.

Then, when I was 22, my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and my whole world got turned upside down.

The doctors told us it was an incurable, degenerative disease, and we were all devastated. My mom and I set out to find ways to slow the progression as much as possible, and discovered studies which have shown a direct correlation between common food ingredients and chronic diseases like Parkinson’s. 

Not only did we succeed in helping my dad, but it was just what I needed to take action with a new approach. I started by really questioning what I was doing to my body.

His diagnosis was a real wake up call for me from the diet trance I had spent so much of my life in, and was the catalyst to changing my relationship with food and my body…and ultimately my career!


“Before I knew it, I was effortlessly living my life—
I eat what I want to eat, in amounts that feel good, and
I feel happy & confident about myself and my body.”

My Life Now Snapshot

  • I enjoy going out to eat (even on a week day!) and my focus is on making happy memories with friends
  • I eat foods I love, in amounts that feel good (like cookies and not finish the package!), without guilt or thoughts of burning it off at the gym or getting back on track
  • I forget that there’s ice cream in the freezer or chocolate in the house (never thought that would happen!)
  • I manage my stress, boredom, and cravings without mindless munching or overeating
  • feel confident knowing I’m making the best food choices for my unique body, enjoying natural moderation to honor both its physical and emotional needs
  • I ended that “on track/off track” stuckness cycle, became an intuitive eater, and finally feel confident & comfortable in my body

Through my journey, I discovered my true passion.

I went back to school to change careers. I trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. 

Today, I get to help clients learn how to get off the stuckness cycle, and step into their happiest, healthiest, most confident self.

Where food is an enjoyable part of life rather than a stressful obsession.

And where their body is something to treat with respect and appreciation rather than blame and shame.


  • are a smart woman who knows that you feel better when you eat better, but still want to eat and enjoy your favorite foods without it being a constant struggle.
  • know what you “should” be doing, but can’t seem to stay on track consistently.
  • struggle to lose weight and maintain it…you fight to keep it down or even watch it go up over time. 
  • want to make peace with your body, feel confident and happy about the way you look, and start fully enjoying life again!

If the above sounds like you, here’s what I want you to know:

  1. There’s a better, easier and more enjoyable way to get what you want out of life.
  2. You can look great AND feel great…without depriving yourself or feeling miserable.
  3. You really can have it all—and sooner than you might think.

I’m living proof, and so are my clients.

You can live that reality, too.

It’s time to call a truce.

You’ve been in a long-running battle with your body,
it’s time to call a truce.


That truce starts right here. So come on, let’s chat!

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