How to Have a Healthy Spring

Spring is the best!! Flowers, warm sunshine, longer days, grilling,  eating outside, planting the garden…ok yes half of those are food-related 🙂  With the change of season comes the impulse to clean and replace the old with the new. That doesn’t have to just mean your house though!

It’s also a great way to swap some of your old habits – that aren’t helping you get the results you’re looking for anyway -with some healthy new ones, and clean out your body of built up toxins and hit the reset button. 

Here are some easy ways to have a happy and healthy transition to a healthier new season!

Get Back Outdoors.

Many studies have shown the awesome benefits the great outdoors can have on our physical, mental, emotional—even spiritual—well-being. There are lots of ways to do this! I love to grab a good book and read it outside in the sun, take your kids or dog to a local park to play or for a long walk, sign up for a local adult softball league, fly a kite, move your workout from the gym to the yard, â€”the list could go on and on. Use any excuse to soak up some extra Vitamin D, a proven mood booster!

Worried about your seasonal outdoor allergies? Use a natural approach like this to stop them in their tracks.

Start a Garden.

Gardening is an awesome way to not only spend time outside, but to get truly locally grown produce, increase the amount of healthy foods on your plate, plus it’s good for the soul! If you’ve never gardened before, start small and simple. I started my first one last year. Some easy-to-grow plants include cucumbers, bell peppers, various lettuces, peppers or herbs. If you don’t have the space to create a full-on garden, grab some pots instead.

How to Have a Healthy Spring

Swap-In a Smoothie.

The weather temperature heating up is a great reason to swap out your warm breakfast cereal or processed afternoon granola bar with a fresh raw smoothie! I have a bunch of delicious recipes for you to get started, with some of my top tips, superfood add-ins, and blender recommendations in my 7-Day Smoothie Challenge FREE eBook.

Self Care.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.” Most of us are so busy and stressed doing things for other people, that we forget to take care our ourselves. Our tank then begins to run low…and empties, and we can’t help anyone or do anything! Re-commit yourself to paying attention to your mental, emotional and spiritual health by setting aside time focused on you. Whether it’s picking up a new book at the library (and actually reading it!), taking a walk after dinner, listening to your favorite music while relaxing â€”make it a priority to spend time on yourself.

Eat the Season.

Spring brings with it lots of delicious produce. Check out your local farmer’s market or even at the grocery store look for the “locally grown” signs to find fresh, seasonal produce to add to your plates. Most of us know and love like apricots, grapefruit, parsley, greens, mint, strawberries and artichokes, but venture out and try some new foods too! When I try something new, I look on YouTube for the best way to prepare it. 

Renew Relationships.
Call your mom. Reach out to an old friend or coworker. Research has shown that good, strong relationships benefit your overall health and happiness. Spend more time with the people you care about, remind them how much they mean to you.

Stay Hydrated.
Drink up. This one’s simple. Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day. If that’s a lofty goal for you, try to add 2 glasses of water to your day – one when you wake up and one before you go to bed. You’ll feel extra hydrated, energized, and will help your body absorb more nutrients.

How to Have a Healthy Spring

Revamp Your Workout.

Now is the perfect time to reignite your motivation to exercise and get yourself ready for bikini and shorts season. Pump up your playlist, get some new sneakers, find a workout buddy, schedule time for your workout into your calendar, mix up your workouts (gym, sports, running outside, body weight routines, weight lifting, etc), or sign up for a road race.

Let your House Breathe.

Experience the outdoors, indoors. Spring is that perfect time where you usually don’t need to run the heat or a/c—you can fling open the windows and let the crisp, clean fresh air in. We tend to think of air pollution as something that’s outside, but the air inside homes can actually be more polluted than the air outside! Think about it. The air inside your home has pollutants lingering and building up. These pollutants are caused by lead found in house dust, formaldehyde in wood or insulation, fire-retardants in furniture, and even chemicals from fragrances used in conventional cleaners and paint. Some are also tracked into the home on shoes.


This one often gets overlooked. Sleeping is one of the most important factors in our health. If we aren’t sleeping enough we probably don’t have the energy to make healthy meals, exercise, or even drink enough water. When our body becomes starved for rest, every other important health aspect in our lives takes the back burner. I understand life is busy and there are things to be done, but life can not be lived to the fullest if you are yawning and craving another energy drink. Your family, your co-workers, and your body will thank you for making sleep a priority.