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How the diet industry is setting you up to FAIL

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How the diet industry is setting you up to FAIL

IT’S TIME!! Time to re-frame your love/hate relationship with food and your body for good. I mean, right??

Aren’t you sick of being unhappy with how you look and feel?

Tired of trying to stick to a diet or “eating clean” only to end up inhaling a bag of chips or cookies?

Doesn’t it suck to not be able to eat foods you love without the shame and guilt of falling off the wagon or fear of gaining weight?

Don’t you want to delete that calorie counting app from your phone? Not go to bed feeling hungry? Never promise yourself again you’ll start again on Monday?

When I ask women what their health goals are, the absolute #1 thing they tell me is they want to lose weight.

They want to feel happy, comfortable, and confident with their body, they want to get dressed without having to change 5 times, they want to be able to look in the mirror and not hate what they see. They’re sick of counting calories, feeling controlled and obsessed with food, and relying on her willpower – which fails her a lot of the time anyway.

That was my goal too for YEARS.

But WHY do so many women struggle to reach/maintain their ideal weight – despite knowing {at least high level} how to eat healthfully???

From a young age, we’re taught by the diet industry and society in general that our bodies are the enemy, they aren’t good enough, they need to be fixed and changed, they can’t be trusted, and achieving a “perfect body” = happiness, confidence, success, and overall feeling amazing.

How the diet industry is setting you up to FAIL

We are taught that we have to overcome our cravings with willpower and self discipline, and that when we don’t (or can’t!) that we should feel shame, guilt, disappointment, and that we’ve failed – when in reality, if you’ve eaten less calories than your body needs in a day, of course you’re going to binge at night. That’s in your biology, that doesn’t make you a failure, that makes you a successful human being.

We are taught that the BEST way to fix ourselves and achieve that perfect body that will make all our dreams and wishes come true, is with diets, controlling, tracking, rules, and restriction… because if we don’t eat 100% perfectly ALL the time, we will never get those results we’re looking for. That’s what we’re told, so we do just that.

But when each diet or weight loss attempt inevitably fails us, the cycle repeats itself and we turn to yet another diet, in the hopes that it will bring us the peace, beauty, love, success, or perfection we’re looking for.

Because of all of the crazy restrictive diets and ways of eating we’ve subjected ourselves to over the years, we’re left with bodies that are so out of whack that we are forced to keep riding the up-and-down, binge-restrict, good-and-bad rollercoaster dieting cycle. We’re left feeling like failures, trapping even the smartest of women, and making them feel exhausted, desperate, self-loathing, and unworthy, which just makes us desperate enough to try one more diet.

THIS is the diet we pray and hope will actually be “the one” that finally fixes us…until it doesn’t. And the disturbing, frustrating, disappointing, and unhealthy cycle begins yet again.

After all, if we are insecure and desperate though, we’re a motivated consumer to the dieting industry and will do whatever we can to escape desperation.

They break us down, criticize us, make us lose trust in our body’s natural ability to be healthy. They have manipulated our culture into needing diets and the next quick fix. Enough is enough, right? Say it with me! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Get MAD at this, get angry with dieting and feeling like you have to restrict yourself or that eating your favorite not so nutritious food makes you a bad person.

You can absolutely get to you healthiest and happiest weight by living without harsh rules and deprivation. You can’t expect to see different results by doing the same thing (or same type of approach) over and over again.

So it’s time to mix things up! There is only 1 tool you need to be happy, confident, healthy, radiant, and feel real joy around food and in your body…and that tool IS your body! Despite what we’ve been taught, our body is NOT the enemy. Our body knows what she needs, but in order for it to guide you to your happiest and healthiest self, you need to first re-learn how to listen to our body’s voice – understanding that she wants to be balanced, she wants to be healthy, she wants to feel fabulous.

When we learn to listen to her and learn to love ourselves enough to give her what she’s asking for, that’s when the magic happens.

In my one-on-one Health Coaching program, I teach clients just like you exactly how to use that tool to maximize freedom in your life, your body, and around food.

I know it can feel scary going from all the rules to no rules, trusting a body you’ve been taught cannot be trusted. It can feel like a free for all. So I want you to know because of that I created my program to be structured as a step-by-step, sustainable and fun plan to help you get to a place where you truly look and feel like your healthiest and happiest self.

Curious how it all works and if I can help you? Click here to schedule a free phone consultation with me. I’d LOVE to talk with you!


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