Why You May Be Feeling Like a Hamster

Do you ever feel like a hamster?

Going round and round, never really getting to (/staying at) where you want to be with your health/wellness/weight?

It’s easy to feel like we’ve tired everything, and wonder how anything else could possibly work. 

But WHY do so many of us look to programs, plans, tracking, and/or diets in our effort to get healthy and/or lose weight to begin with..then keep going BACK to them?

Well, lots of reasons, but I think a biggie is that they give us a sense of structure and direction around what/how much food choices we make every day. 

Diets or just general rules around eating give us a sense of control in that moment, and they usually promise fast results…who doesn’t want that?!

But usually a few days or weeks into it, we find out about some more aspects of that initial program, plan, or diet start happening that we didn’t sign up for…like cravings, insatiable hunger, constant thoughts about food and reliance on willpower. 

We soon realize that sense of control we’ve been presented was just an illusion – and feel more out of control than ever around food.

We ultimately cave, fall off the wagon, do the thing we were trying hard not to do, and blame ourselves.

We’re left feeling like failures, trapping even the smartest of women, and making them feel exhausted, desperate, self-loathing, and unworthy, which just makes us desperate enough to try one more diet.

THIS is the diet we pray and hope will actually be the one that finally “fixes us”…until it doesn’t. And the disturbing, frustrating, disappointing, and unhealthy cycle begins yet again.

After all, if we are insecure and desperate though, we’re a motivated consumer and will do whatever we can to escape desperation. 
The ($60+ billion) diet industry knows this, and thrives off of it. 

They break us down, criticize us, make us lose trust in our body’s natural ability to be healthy, and have manipulated our culture into feeling like we need diets and the next quick fix because of all of the crazy ways of eating we’ve subjected ourselves to over the years.

We’re left with bodies that are so out of whack that we are forced to keep riding the up-and-down, binge-restrict, good-and-bad rollercoaster dieting cycle. 

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