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Rig Your Brain to Work in Your Favor

On the radio this morning, they were talking about a new study that proves “short man syndrome” is a real thing (basically, short people tend to be more aggressive).

Immediately the radio hosts started talking about examples and proof of this with people they knew personally, actors, and people in the news that are short & aggressive.

Thought > Evidence > Reality

I thought it was a great example of how our brain works. It can be super helpful to understand it, and use it as leverage to help us move toward our goals more easily.

When we have a thought, our brain tries to connect the dots into patterns that explain why.

These meaningful patterns become our beliefs.

Once beliefs are formed, the brain begins to look for and find evidence all the time in support of those beliefs, which adds an emotional boost of confidence in them, and reinforces them. It turns into a feedback loop of belief confirmation, dictates our actions, and forms our reality

If you have negative thoughts/beliefs about yourself playing like an app in your mind (even subconsciously) about things like your body, your eating habits, your self-esteem or worth, etc, your brain will constantly find evidence to prove and reinforce it.

For example, say you’re working hard to eat healthier, but you think of yourself as someone who can’t stay on track with healthy eating habits. When your reality of starting to eat healthier food does not match your perceptions/beliefs of yourself as someone who can’t stay on track, your brain will do everything it can to resolve the inconsistency.

It’s how it believes it’s protecting you, by keeping you safe and in your comfort zone.

Next thing you know, you fall into self-sabotage, and overeat not-so-nutritious foods. Next come thoughts like “of course you caved and ate all that ice cream!” or “ugh you know better why did you do that?” or “I blew it again – I’ll just start again on Monday and try harder this time”

In reality, that is your unconscious mind is “helping” you bring reality and your self-image into alignment and prove your beliefs true.

So flip the script, and use what you now know about how your brain works to your advantage. Making a shift in your thoughts will change your beliefs, which will change your actions and shape your reality.

I love using positive affirmations to change thoughts and beliefs to get into alignment with who I want to be. As soon as a negative thought pops up, stop yourself and think something more in line with who you want to be.

It might seem strange at first because you don’t totally believe yourself as you think “I am a healthy eater, I love eating nutritious foods all the time!” but over time you’ll start to believe it – and your actions will change to reflect it.

Comment below and let me know a negative thought/belief you have, and a positive affirmation you’re going to say to yourself when that pops up for you!

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