How to Stop Food Obsession Thoughts

​​​​​I noticed these Cheetos in the cabinet the other day, and over the next couple hours found myself thinking about them a LOT. ​”mmm Cheetos!” ​

I had to get curious with myself – why do I keep thinking and obsessing about these??

I realized it was because a little voice in the back of my head was telling me that I ​*​shouldn’t​*​ have them. ​

how to stop thinking about food all the time

My body doesn’t do well with dairy (stomach ache) so that little voice was looking out for me. “Awww” right? 🙂

Well even despite the best of intentions, when we use language like can/can’t, should/shouldn’t, allowed/not allowed, good/bad with food – our body feels restricted. ​​

Restriction = Obsession/Cravings = Feeling Out of Control = Guilt

When our body feels restricted and deprived, we tend to think about food (or a particular food) and crave it more.

When we finally do eat it, we’re more apt to feel out of control and eat lots of it, then feel guilty and start the cycle again.

It’s not that you’re weak or have no willpower, it’s from hormones released by your body’s biological survival mechanisms in reaction to feeling deprived.

Your body doesn’t know ___ is available, you’re just trying not to eat it, it just senses food not being available (from the language you’re using around it) and reverts to its primal job of making sure you eat to stay alive.​

Plus through law of attraction, we tend to attract what it is we think about the most. What we focus on – we attract more of, even if we don’t want it and phrase it in the negative.

Back to the Cheetos!

Once I realized that I was “shoulding” myself, I stopped.

I reminded myself I could absolutely eat them if I wanted to. Full permission. I even headed to the kitchen in preparation to have some!

Then I thought through it – yes they would taste good, but do I really want them? I know my stomach would hurt after, is it worth it? My answer ended up being “no” and I was able to move on without thinking about them again.

Try it!! Even with just 1 food you sometimes feel out of control around or think about a lot.

ACTIVITY: Remove the restrictive language, fully allow it. Stop to really think through and make a mindful, empowered choice on what you want to do. Own your choice – regardless of what it is, (if you do choose to eat it, do so mindfully, enjoy every bite), and move on.