The hidden meaning behind struggles with food and body

Let’s talk about something that I know is on your mind, lovely reader, and that is your on again/off again eating tendencies, and unhappiness with your body

There’s something I really want you to know, listen up >> eating challenges are NOT a sign that “something is wrong with you”

If you:

  • regularly don’t eat ‘perfectly’
  • binge or overeat
  • eat when you aren’t physically hungry (like because of stress, procrastination, sadness, frustration, lonliness)
  • feel out of control around certain foods or types of foods (like sugar or carbs)
  • constantly second guess, overanalyze, or have regret over your food choices
  • have an inner mean girl’s voice in your mind telling you you’re fat, etc…

…know that all that is, is a sign from your body that something is going on that needs your attention.

Your body is always looking out for the best for you, and since it can’t talk to you and tell you what you’re doing that isn’t working for it, it has to show us.

Your body has lots of ways to do this, like through physical symptoms like headaches, bloating, and fatigue AND through behavior symptoms like binge/overeating, cravings like for sugar/carbs, and constant on/off track eating habits.

It makes me so sad because I see so many women struggle just like I did: they have the best of intentions, are super hard working, trying new things, and never getting or maintaining where they want to go because they are focusing on ‘fixing’ the wrong thing – the symptom vs. the real root cause (which is RARELY just food related).

For example, you can’t fix binge eating just by trying to eat less. I don’t think that’s ever worked in the history of the world, and oftentimes makes the problem worse! Binge eating is fueled by a deeper, usually emotionally based reason.

Plus on top of that, these symptoms usually bring with them MAJOR unhappiness with the body…or might it be the other way around?

In a recent survey I conducted, 100% of participants (~60) said they are sick and tired of being unhappy with their body.

Think of it this way:

  • When you fall ‘off track‘ with your eating habits, what/who do you blame: yourself or the guidelines you were following?
  • When you binge or overeat, what/who do you blame?
  • When you eat because you aren’t physically hungry (boredom, stress, procrastination), what/who do you blame?
  • When you have sugar/carb cravings and eat them anyway, what/who do you blame?
  • I’m guessing most of your answers were YOURSELF. I know I used to blame myself for everything I did wrong.

If we’re constantly living in the land of blame & shame, OF COURSE we don’t treat our bodies very well. Who takes great care of something they’re unhappy with and don’t like??

It impairs our self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth, and keeps people STUCK.

It absolutely, 100% makes sense why!

We’ve been taught to do that through the diet industry. They want us feeling crappy about ourselves, because when we do – we spend money to make ourselves feel better which makes them richer.

We’re inundated by negative messages about food and our body, we’re told that we’re willpower weaklings or that we need more control or to just work harder/want it more! It’s not true though.

That’s why my approach is (so very) different than mainstream approaches.

We identify what your big dreams and desires for your eating habits and body are, where you are struggling, what’s (actually) holding you back, and use evidence-based nutrition research, proven psychology principles, and an intuitive, mindful approach to eating and living to get you where you want to go.

You are 100% unique, so your program is 100% unique. We dig deep, we work hard, you get results that last!

SO! If you’d LOVE help breaking the on track/off track with your eating habits, gaining consistency, and creating natural balance without giving anything up, I’d love to support you. Click here to book a free strategy call with me!