health dangers: farmed fish

Omega-3 fatty acids are great for your brain and for your heart. Fish are an excellent source of these, among many other vitamins and nutrients, but it’s important to make sure you’re eating the right type of fish: wild caught vs. farmed fish. The reality of where our fish comes from is of HUGE importance for our health! There is a vast different between wild caught fish and farmed fish.

Research has found that farmed fish has less usable omega-3 fatty acids than wild-caught fish and a 20% lower protein content. A USDA review confirmed the findings. Farmed fish are fattier and have a high concentration of omega-6 fatty acids, which promote inflammation in the body.

Try this: Next time you’re at the supermarket or fish market, look at the salmon. Compare the color difference of the wild caught salmon to the farm raised salmon, then think about which looks fresher, healthier, and more appetizing? 

For non-fish eaters or those watching mercury intake, be sure to stock up on some great sources of vegetarian omega-3’s like flax and hemp seeds, organic soy, and walnuts.

Here are 3 things to know about farmed fish and why you should think twice about the kind of fish you eat:

health dangers: farmed fish