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When was the last time you enjoyed a cookie (or whatever you love) with 0 guilt and 100% enjoyment?

While it might seem nearly impossible to do: “How could I possibly eat and enjoy ice cream without picturing it forming as fat on my stomach as I eat it?!” you absolutely ARE capable of it.

Think of it this way: when you were a little kid, I bet the only thing on your mind as you ate ice cream was “how can I get even more of this good stuff?!”

You weren’t planning your post-ice cream compensation exercise or eating plan or beating yourself up the whole time.

You weren’t afraid to eat ice cream in fear you wouldn’t be able to stop eating it until you felt physically sick or the whole container was gone.

You learned to do that. It’s a learned behavior. And like any learned behavior, you can un-learn it.

I promise you’re not too far gone, no matter how impossible this sounds.

This is important to do not only because getting pleasure from foods you love without guilt, worry, or plans to ‘get back on track’ is such a fun part of life, but because those feelings of guilt, regret, and stress are actually making your struggles with food WORSE.

Stressing, worrying, and trying to control yourself around food is keeping you from reaching your goals in a sustainable way by doing things like:

  • slowing the metabolism
  • promoting fat storage around the midsection
  • impairing digestive health
  • de-regulating natural appetite
  • increasing cravings
  • and lots more.

Why make things harder than they have to be?!

If you’d like support making eating easy, let’s chat. Click here to set up a free strategy session call so you can spend all that time and energy you currently spend on food on more fun things in your life!

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