Food Guilt Do you feel guilty after eating certain foods

Eating all types of foods should be flexible, fun, and free of guilt. Right??

If not, what’s the point? 🙂

But for SO many people, eating is very far from feeling that way.

When I used to feel guilty after eating foods I loved, it ruined the foods for me. Who wants to have a juicy burger with a heaping side of guilt??

That’s exactly what I am going to help you work toward this year! It might sound like mission impossible, but it’s not.

It’s time to do something DIFFERENT.

It’s time to overcome the overeating, learn how to reach and maintain your ideal weight without feeling deprived and starving, and turn the foods you LOVE and crave into healthified swaps that taste just as amazing as the real deal.

By doing this you will truly look and feel better from the inside out, be happier, have more energy, and more confidence.

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Now as you may know already, or soon will, I have a different approach than most other health professionals. That’s because I’ve been there, done that with various diets, meal plans, and restrictive ways of eating SO much over the course of my life, and know that it does NOT work long term, and is NOT fun and enjoyable – which hey that’s very important!

I found by doing those things and failing – or not seeing the lasting results I wanted – that I lost a little more trust and confidence in myself and my abilities. I truly believed that it was my fault things didn’t work. 

My approach stemmed from my past experiences with that, and learning that even though you may decide to stop dieting, that mentality is probably still driving your eating decisions, and making you feel guilt or weakness after eating certain foods (research backs this up).

That every diet or food rule violation has laid the foundation for a subconscious restrictive mentality around food. And to clarify quickly what I mean by “food rule”, it can be literally like a list of foods you deem OK to eat, and foods you deem NOT OK to eat, or on a broader scale feeling like you’ve let yourself down and failed if you eat certain foods you view as “bad” or pushing you further from reaching your goals – maybe cookies, chips, or bread.

So for example, if you were on a diet that told you carbs are the enemy, and if you eat carbs you’ll get fat…just because you’re not on the diet anymore doesn’t always take that thought and mentality around carbs away. You still may try to avoid or limit them, and feel like you let yourself down if you eat them.

Without even realizing it, the process of having been on diets in the past may have made you overly preoccupied and stressed when it comes to eating and food.

I want to introduce you to a new way of eating that I use, and so do my clients, that is ultimately struggle-free and healthy for your mind and body. It is a process that literally unleashes the shackles of dieting and gets you back to your roots by: trusting your body and its signals, honoring your hunger and your cravings, and coming from a place of loving, liking, or at least accepting the body you’re in now.

It will not only change your relationship with food, it will probably change your life.

Sound too good to be true a little though, right? How can people do this AND still look and feel their best?

It’s called Intuitive Eating, and it’s surprisingly easy!

We ALL have the natural intuitive eating ability in us already, it’s just been suppressed, especially by dieting. Dieting influences our eating habits over time, which literally buries our natural intuitive eating ways.

It breaks down your trust with yourself around food, and makes you rely on external sources to guide your eating (like a food plan, a diet, the time of day, food rules) vs. listening to your body. When given the opportunity, your body will not steer you wrong! It wants you to be the healthiest YOU you can be. It doesn’t want you to carry around lots of extra weight and inflammation, have trouble sleeping, or feel like taking a nap at 3pm.

In my Health Coaching program, this is a major concept in my 3 core pillars that ultimately set people up for mind, body, and food freedom while STILL reaching/maintaining their goals, and having a blast doing so!!

Tell me in the comments below, does this sound like it might be your missing piece to finally reaching and maintaining your goals?

Can you relate to what I talked about in the beginning of the video – how maybe you’re not officially on a diet, but are still subconsciously controlled by old diet mentalities?

Stay tuned for more information about this concept, and if you haven’t already, take the “What’s Your Eating Personality Quiz” to learn about your starting point.

If you’d like to start looking and feeling better even faster, let’s schedule time to chat on the phone or video chat.