Eating for Pleasure Lessons From a Whoopie Pie
Would you be able to eat that whoopie pie without wondering how many calories are in it?

Without thinking about the macro breakdown? Or stressing about gaining weight?

Or feeling guilty or like you’ve ruined your progress? Or how you need to work out extra to make up for it?

In the past I absolutely would have said “NO!” to ALL of them, and it would have ruined the experience of eating a super delicious food I love (whoopie pies from Twist Bakery in MA are my favorite things ever!).

We’re meant to get pleasure from food (we even have sweet taste buds on our tongue) and when we miss out on it because we’re too preoccupied with worry, math, or guilt, it can lead to behaviors like overeating or a tumble off the wagon.

Eating for Pleasure Lessons From a Whoopie Pie me eating

Instead of making food choices based on calories, a diet plan, or from a place of fear, make a choice based on your personal preference in the moment, how you feel currently, and how you want to feel later.

Here are some helpful questions:

  • What meal or food would feel good in my body? (take into consideration personal insights you have about yourself and what foods feel better/worse in your body, along with the ingredients in the foods and what you want to/don’t want to put in your body – this can/will change depending on the situation too!)
  • Something cold? Hot? Crunchy? Creamy? Chewy?
  • How do I want to feel after eating?
  • How would I feel after eating ____?
  • Am I ok with that?
  • Is eating ___ worth it?
  • Is there something else I could eat and enjoy just as much but might feel better after eating it? 
  • CHALLENGE: Is there 1 thing I can do to make this a little more nutritious but still enjoy it and feel satisfied? Something I can add? Take away? Swap out? For example, would a small ice cream still be as good and satisfying as a medium ice cream?

Own your choice, enjoy your choice, and move on! You get to have authority over your food choices!

You get to say yes or no to foods you love or don’t love, and want or don’t want. Your food choices are YOUR food choices— no one else’s.