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Before &...After?

Just kidding (see pic above)!! You would never expect my sweet Maddie to become Brady, right??

Can you imagine if Maddie said things to herself like:

“If you could only lose 8 pounds and get darker fur, THEN you’ll be happier and have more confidence!”

Both of these dogs are EQUALLY healthy, adorable, and worthy of love, but they are built completely different, and we’re totally ok with that.

So why do we expect ourselves to do some magical Jedi body tricks to transform?

You’d never tell your puppy or baby “hmm you’re a bit chubby, so I don’t love you yet, but when you lose some weight, then I’ll love you.”

NO 😂 When we think that in order to love our body, it has to look a certain way, weigh a certain amount, have a certain shape….we’re loving the body with conditions as opposed to without conditions, which is a dangerous and self-destructive game.

When it comes to people, we try to do things like cutting carbs/sugar, ignoring hunger signals, and overexercising to try to shapeshift ourselves/others into loving ourselves.

And what happens when we don’t meet that goal? We beat the crap out of ourselves for being weak, unmotivated, and lazy.

You’d never, ever put those kinds of demands on these sweet pups so please stop putting them on yourself!

Trying to lose weight to make yourself feel worthy, to feel happy or confident, to do things you’re self-conscious to do at your current weight, for other people or to win their approval, or to look like someone else are ALL an exercise in futility.

Lean does not necessarily equal happiness, confidence, self-worth/esteem (even if it has for you in the past).

Losing weight does not equal liking yourself more or having other people like you more (even if it has for you in the past).

Fat loss will not necessarily bring joy or bliss to your life, attract a partner, get you a new job, bring new opportunities (even if it has for you in the past).

The number on the scale says absolutely nothing about your health and who you are as a person.

If you’re looking to take some initial steps in the direction to improve your relationship with food/your body, I have a free 5-day challenge you’ll LOVE!

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