28 Days to Healthier Eating Habits Recipe Book

28 days to healthier eating habits, suggested meal plan and recipe book

The 28 Days to Healthy Eating Habits: Suggested Meal Plan & Recipe Book is designed to take all of the guesswork and
pressure off of you for a whole month of delicious and healthy eating – but beyond that: it teaches how to set yourself up for success with developing lasting habits too.

Here’s what is included in this digital PDF:

  • 80 deliciously nutritious, simple recipes
  • A 28-day suggested meal plan (daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack)
  • Tons of tips on how to create lasting healthy eating habits
  • How to get ahead meal prep strategies for the busy person
  • Shopping lists for the 4 weeks of meal plans
  • Step-by-step meal prep guides for the 4 weeks of meal plans
  • Shopping list and meal plan template
I’ve also included ingredient substitution notes to make every recipe in this 50+ page guide gluten, dairy, and soy-free.

A few of my favorite recipes in this e-book include the oven “fried” chicken tenders, superfood bowl, flourless zucchini muffins, coconut herb-crusted salmon, Greek Tzatziki bowl, and chocolate protein mug cake!

28 days to healthier eating habits, suggested meal plan and recipe book

Other than physically coming to your house and cooking for you (wish I could!), I think I’ve done just about everything in my power to make this meal plan as easy as possible for you and truly set you up to get in the habit of eating healthfully all week.

  • Your shopping list is done.
  • You know exactly what you’re eating each day.
  • You know what you can do to prep ahead of time to make weeknight eating quicker and easier.
  • You have an arsenal of 80 recipes for future healthy eating make simple.

Excited to download your copy and get started??

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