Not Sure Where to Start?

I’ve put together 10 proven and simple steps to lose weight without dieting. And it’s 100% FREE!

  1. Matcha Mint Chip Protein Bites Recipe

    Matcha Mint Chip Protein Bites
    Seeing green? It's not just your computer or phone screen - it's matcha! Have you heard of it? Matcha is one of those "superfoods" and is made from whole green tea leaves that have been pulverized into a super fine... READ MORE

  2. “Why Should I Care About Self Care?”

    Close your eyes for a minute and picture this: You’re at work. Your day is packed with meetings back to back til 5, plus there are other projects you need to keep moving forward too. You have a laundry list... READ MORE

  3. Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Healthy Moms

    Mother's Day Gift Guide for the Healthy Mama
    Mother's Day is almost here, are you struggling with ideas of what to get your favorite moms? Whenever I ask my mom what she'd like me to get her, she always says she'd just love to spend time with me.... READ MORE

  4. A Simple Technique to Not Let A Slip-Up Derail You

    Simple Technique to Not Let A Slip-Up Derail You
    Do you have an all-or-nothing, perfectionist attitude when it comes to food? More specifically, healthy eating? Does eating something you consider "bad" make you fall off the wagon, sending you into a downward eating spiral the rest of the day/weekend?... READ MORE

  5. Why You Should Eat Your Chia Pet

    why you should eat your chia pet
    Ch-ch-ch-chia! I’m sure you remember the catchy commercial for chia pets from the 80s/90s. It’s the pottery that grows, a fun novelty item that comes in the shapes of an elephant, troll, Micky mouse, Kermit the frog, Homer Simpson, and... READ MORE

  6. Quinoa Stuffed Cinnamon Acorn Squash Recipe

    This quinoa stuffed cinnamon acorn squash is the perfect fall side dish to go along with any of your favorite proteins, or just to enjoy as-is!  In addition to my Health Coaching business, I'm also a Personal Chef. It's such a... READ MORE

  7. Are you a wanna-be eating perfectionist?

    Are you a wanna-be eating perfectionist?
    Sometimes when we find ourselves obsessing over eating "perfectly" or 100% "clean," the reason behind why we're doing that comes from a source other than just wanting to look good in your jeans or get rid of the extra belly... READ MORE

  8. Suffer from bloating? 5 Natural Digestive Remedies

    Suffer from bloating? 5 Natural Digestive Remedies
    ** These pictures of me were taken just 4 hours apart ** BLOATING is something that I used to deal with on nearly an everyday basis for about 5 years. Weird thing was it happened at nearly the same time... READ MORE

  9. Green St. Paddy’s Day Vegan Mac & Cheese Recipe

    When you think of classic St. Patrick's Day foods, you probably think of corned beef and cabbage, Irish stew, soda bread, hash, shepherd's pie, mac and cheese....oh wait, not that last one?  This recipe is a little non-traditional, but fun... READ MORE

  10. Food Guilt: Do you feel guilty after eating certain foods?

    Food Guilt Do you feel guilty after eating certain foods
    Eating all types of foods should be flexible, fun, and free of guilt. Right?? If not, what’s the point? :) But for SO many people, eating is very far from feeling that way. When I used to feel guilty after... READ MORE