Not Sure Where to Start?

I’ve put together 10 proven and simple steps to lose weight without dieting. And it’s 100% FREE!

  1. Are you a wanna-be eating perfectionist?

    Are you a wanna-be eating perfectionist?
    Sometimes when we find ourselves obsessing over eating "perfectly" or 100% "clean," the reason behind why we're doing that comes from a source other than just wanting to look good in your jeans or get rid of the extra belly... READ MORE

  2. Suffer from bloating? 5 Natural Digestive Remedies

    Suffer from bloating? 5 Natural Digestive Remedies
    ** These pictures of me were taken just 4 hours apart ** BLOATING is something that I used to deal with on nearly an everyday basis for about 5 years. Weird thing was it happened at nearly the same time... READ MORE

  3. Green St. Paddy’s Day Vegan Mac & Cheese Recipe

    When you think of classic St. Patrick's Day foods, you probably think of corned beef and cabbage, Irish stew, soda bread, hash, shepherd's pie, mac and cheese....oh wait, not that last one?  This recipe is a little non-traditional, but fun... READ MORE

  4. Food Guilt: Do you feel guilty after eating certain foods?

    Food Guilt Do you feel guilty after eating certain foods
    Eating all types of foods should be flexible, fun, and free of guilt. Right?? If not, what’s the point? :) But for SO many people, eating is very far from feeling that way. When I used to feel guilty after... READ MORE

  5. Peanut-Free Peanut Butter Cups Recipe

    One of my favorite foods EVER is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. That magical combination of chocolate and peanut butter even makes it hard to stop eating them once you've started! [See what I mean here]  When I realized I needed... READ MORE

  6. “Eat less, Exercise more” – Right??

    "Eat less, Exercise more" - Right??
    If your health goal is weight loss, you’ve probably heard the advice: eat less and exercise more. It's such simple advice. So logical. But it’s really a shame that it DOES NOT work. Ok yes, maybe for the short term... READ MORE

  7. 5 Ways to Crave Quinoa and Kale Instead of Cake and Cupcakes

    5 Ways to Crave Quinoa and Kale Instead of Cake and Cupcakes
      The holidays have come and gone, but have your sugar cravings?   I’m going to go over 5 super simple ways to train your brain to crave quinoa and kale instead of cake and cupcakes.   Even the best... READ MORE

  8. Popbar, Gelato on a Stick!

    Popbar just made Charlotte a whole lot sweeter! Their specialty is Italian gelato on a stick that you can fully customize, using their delicious dippings and toppings.  My favorite part? ALL of their popbars are gluten free, made with hormone-free milk, no preservatives,... READ MORE

  9. Vegan No-Bake Chocolate Crunch Protein Bar Recipe

    Get excited! You are going to LOVE these raw, no-bake chocolate crunch protein bars. Put it this way, I made them last week and when my dad came over, I handed him a bar. I watched him take that first bite and... READ MORE

  10. 3 Steps to a New Year, New You!

    3 Steps to a New Year, New You
    Happy almost new year! I hope you've had a great holiday season. Talking about a new year always goes hand-in-hand with the topic of resolutions. That's why I wanted to chime in with my take on things, and show you... READ MORE