Not Sure Where to Start?

I’ve put together 10 proven and simple steps to lose weight without dieting. And it’s 100% FREE!

  1. How dieting makes you gain weight

    How dieting makes you gain weight
    Dieting is the quickest way to gain weight, with the best of intentions, long term. YUP! You read that right! Here’s how: Think back to the first time you thought to yourself “I want to lose weight!” What did you... READ MORE

  2. Raw Protein Brownies Recipe

    Raw Protein Brownies Recipe
    Did you know most processed protein bars you see on the shelves in the grocery stores and specialty shops are loaded with sugar and a laundry list of ingredients - some of which you don't even know what they are?... READ MORE

  3. Why you should breakup with your scale

    why you should breakup with your scale
    I really have absolutely no idea how much I weigh, which is crazy for me to think about, considering I spent YEARS of my life weighing myself daily and obsessing about the number I saw on the scale. The scale... READ MORE

  4. Healthified Chocolate Fudgesicle Recipe

    Healthified Chocolate Fudgesicle Recipe
    These are perrrfect for satisfying your chocolate cravings on a super hot summer day. Did you love fudgesicles as a kid?  I definitely did.  Not only is this version a healthified take on the traditional fudgesicle (which contains ingredients like high... READ MORE

  5. “Diets aren’t working for me, will intuitive eating?”

    If you diet, you will fail…and it’s not even really YOU failing, it’s the diet and your basic human biology trying to keep you alive. I work with women who have spent a giant portion of their lives dieting, and... READ MORE

  6. How the diet industry is setting you up to FAIL

    How the diet industry is setting you up to FAIL
    IT’S TIME!! Time to re-frame your love/hate relationship with food and your body for good. I mean, right?? Aren’t you sick of being unhappy with how you look and feel? Tired of trying to stick to a diet or "eating... READ MORE

  7. Fox46 Good Day Charlotte: 5 Healthified Cookout Recipes

    Fox46 Good Day Charlotte 5 Healthified Cookout Recipes CV
    I loved being back on the Fox46 Good Day Charlotte morning show, hanging with Page and Jason, and talking all things healthy for cookouts! Summer is my favorite time of year for many reasons, especially because it's grilling season. Firing... READ MORE

  8. Charlotte Today: 4 Hidden Healthified Ingredient Swaps/Recipes

    I had such a great time again in my segment on the Charlotte Today show today (click the link below to check out the video clip from the show)! Eating nutrient-packed foods that naturally make you feel and look amazing... READ MORE

  9. Healthy Food Taste Test with My Dad – Father’s Day Special!

    I have a super special video for you in honor of Father's Day! I asked my dad to join me in the kitchen to do what we love to do best: EAT!! We taste tested a bunch (19!!) of healthy... READ MORE

  10. Ideal Weight vs. Happy & Healthy Weight

    Ideal Weight vs Happy & Healthy Weight
    I wanted to look like this. Like the woman in this picture above. I tried like hell to get to my body's version of that (I had to come to acceptance a while before that I'm 5'4, I'll never have... READ MORE