Not Sure Where to Start?

I’ve put together 10 proven and simple steps to lose weight without dieting. And it’s 100% FREE!

  1. Is a meal plan your solution to healthy eating?

    If you scroll down you Facebook feed right now, I bet you’ll see at least 1 advertisement for “healthy meal plans” to make eating healthy a cinch. You might be thinking, “Good! I want a meal plan. I’m sick of... READ MORE

  2. Vegan Parmesan Cheese Recipe

    vegan Parmesan cheese recipe
    When I learned I had a food sensitivity to dairy, and if I kept eating it I'd continue to feel crappy PLUS do damage to my body in the long run, not eating cheese anymore was the hardest thing! That... READ MORE

  3. “I’m trapped on a restrict/binge eating cycle”

    "I'm trapped on a restrict/binge eating cycle"
    I remember the first Halloween I spent with my husband when we were dating. We had gone to Costco and got a GIANT bag of mini-sized candybars (you know the packs that have like Snickers, Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, Kit... READ MORE

  4. Get & Stay Motivated to Eat Healthy {Long-Term!}

    How to Get & Stay Motivated to Eat Healthy {Long-Term!}
    { Can you relate? } You have an event or vacation coming up. You want to look smokin’! You know “abs are made in the kitchen” so you want your diet to be on POINT from now til then. That... READ MORE

  5. Raw Superfood Cookie Dough Protein Bites Recipe

    This raw superfood cookie dough protein bites recipe is going to be a lifesaving game-changer for you. When you hit your 3:00 energy slump, or get home from work starving but still need to cook dinner, or even right before your... READ MORE

  6. Product Review: OXO Salad Chopper and Bowl

    Hot & healthy product alert! I think it's pretty safe to say this is a fact: chopped salads taste better. They've already been pre-cut-up into tiny, bite-sized, pieces of goodness, ready for you to dive right in and not be slowed... READ MORE

  7. Stress Eater to Stress Buster

    Stress Eater to Stress Buster
    Stress eating can be defined in a few ways. One obvious way is you turn to food to comfort you when you’re stressed. Thinking it’ll help you feel better, comfort, and console you. Relieve your stress at least for a... READ MORE

  8. “I’ll start again on Monday”

    i'll start again on monday
    Have you ever said this? I sure have!! I’d either try a new diet or create my own list of foods to eat and foods to avoid or set the magical number of calories I was allowed to eat that... READ MORE

  9. Is Social Media Triggering Your Emotional Eating?

    is social media triggering your emotional eating
    Have you ever stopped to think if your social media feeds are supporting your goals? Or could they actually be sabotaging them? Take this test below: Have you felt any of the below after reading others’ updates? Envious Stressed Fat... READ MORE

  10. Jumbo Dark Chocolate Tart Recipe (Paleo)

    This jumbo dark chocolate tart is the ultimate chocolate lover's dream come true! It's rich, creamy, decadent, and of course oh-so chocolatey!  You really have to be a giant chocolate fan to love this recipe :) One of my favorite... READ MORE