Personal Chef Services

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  • Pressed for time? 
  • Tired of eating out? 
  • Want to know what’s in your food? 
  • Want to spend more time with your family? 
  • Struggling to cook for a special-needs diet? 
  • Sick of wasting food that you buy but then don’t cook?
    Let me help you solve your meal-time challenges!

    I’m here to make your life easier, save you time and allow you to enjoy delicious, healthy meals…despite busy schedules and/or special dietary needs.

    I specialize in preparing tasty, healthy, customized meals for families, busy professionals, new moms, and those with special dietary needs in the Charlotte, NC/Rock Hill, SC area. My meals are made with the freshest ingredients with no preservatives or additives (organic options available).

    Since I am also a Certified Health Coach (through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition) I understand how eating real, whole foods is the best way to prevent, treat, and even reverse illness. By eating nutritious foods, you can also improve your quality of life and finally reach your health goals – from losing weight to reducing inflammation to increasing your energy to improving digestive problems.

    How It Works:

    After you contact me, we will set up your assessment interview.

    In that meeting, we’ll have the opportunity to learn about each other and I’ll provide you with a detailed food preference questionnaire so I can learn about your food likes and dislikes – including allergies – to best prepare meals you and your family will love!

    Next, I will plan a customized menu for you based on your food questionnaire. You can also refer me to special recipes, family favorites, or something new you read about in a cookbook or saw on a website. I’ll accommodate the best I can!

    Once we finalize your menu for the upcoming week, we will set your first cook date.

    I then determine delicious side dishes to go with your entree selections, prepare a grocery list, do the food shopping, and come to your house to prepare your meals on your cook date.

    When I’m done cooking, I will package and label all of your meals, store them in the refrigerator, and leave your menu and heating instructions.

    You will be left with a spotless kitchen. The only evidence of my visit will be the aroma of delicious homemade meals!
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    Specialties Include:personal chef services charlotte nc samantha eaton healthy eaton

    • Converting old ‘favorites’ to healthier alternatives
    • Italian, Asian, Mexican
    • American
    • Healthy Cooking
    • Special Diets: Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Candida, Paleo (comfortable accommodating food sensitivities or allergies)
    • Food or lunch prep (lunches to bring to work, healthy snacks like homemade granola bars, protein bars, dips with chopped veggies, etc.)

    Sample Menu Items:

    • Coconut herb crusted wild caught salmon over a hearty salad with cilantro lime dressing
    • Herb pork tenderloin with mango salsa over brown rice
    • Citrus herb chicken over seared asparagus with lemon and roasted fingerling potatoes
    • Strawberry spinach salad with toasted almonds and quinoa
    • Spiced chicken with cucumber mint sauce over cauliflower tabbouleh
    • Jicama shell wild caught fish tacos with spiced avocado slaw
    • Asian sesame pineapple chicken and vegetable stir fry 
    • Juicy grass-fed fresh herb hamburger with hand-cut sweet potato fries

    Questions? Want to schedule a consultation? Click here.